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Bentley Arnage T - 2007

Side in The City
RR Ghost and the Arnage
Disruptive weather in March 2018.
Cat warming up
Front Interior
Small rear window
Arnage T

Bentley Arnage T 2007​

Reg: CU56 PYA

Colour: Silver Tempest

VIN:  SCBLF45F87CH12254

Delivery date:  2007-01-24.  Production Date 2006-12-19. Ordered by Bentley Essex, from now-defunct dealer Jardines. 

Cost options: Arnage T Sports Combination (Level 2).  Small Rear Window. Flying 'B' Radiator Mascot.  2 Hide Cocktail Compartments to Lower Front Seat Backs. Top Roll - Two-tone. Burr Oak Veneer.  Veneered Picnic Tables.  Wood & Leather Steering Wheel.  DVD System In Rear Compartment With Screens to Front Headrests.  TV Reception (ROW). 


Non-Standard Features: Aluminium Inserts To Fascia 7 Waistrails. 

Standard Features:  Mulliner Inscription On Tread Plate.  Diamond Quilted Seat Facings With Embroidered Bentley Marque Emblems.  Diamond Quilted Door Trim.  2 Umbrellas To Luggage Compartment.  Jewel Filler Cap.  Main Hide - Magnolia.  Secondary Hide - Slate.  Seat Belts - Porpoise.  Carpets - Granite.  Shade Bank to Windscreen.  

Powertrain: 19" Five Spoke Two-Piece Allow Wheels - Polished

V8 6.8L/500bhp (373Kw) 16V Twin Turbo.  98 Ltr Fuel Tank.  Pirelli Tyres 255/45ZR 19" 104Y.   Six-Speed Automatic Transmission.  Short Suspension/Shock Absorption.  Power-Assisted Speed Sensitive Steering.  Quad Exhaust Tailpipes & Revised Rear Bumper. 


I purchased the car in June of 2017 from a specialist classic car dealer in Bodmin, Cornwall.  The previous owner, who purchased the car in 2014 and owned it for 3 years had originally purchased this car from this dealer and 3 years later sold it back to them again. The previous owner ran a chain of pubs in and around Dartmoor.  He kept the car in a heated garage, polished and looked after the car fastidiously.   Prior to 2014, the car was owned by a fish merchant on the coast in the South West.   

My Story:

In the summer of 2016, I purchased the Arnage T. The designer of the classic Arnage shape did apparently take inspiration from the Cloud and S type cars of the 1950s.    

The car is a 2007 model which includes the last Arnage updates.  Including a 6-speed auto box, 500bhp and 738lb/ft torque from the twin-turbo V8, 6.75 Litre.  0-60 comes up in just 5.2 seconds and the top speed is 179 mph.   With mixed driving, the car typically returns 17mpg and can cover a distance of 400 miles if pushed. However, around Central London, my home, the returns can drop to below 10mpg! 

The external colour is Silver Tempest with main interior trim in Magnolia and secondary trim Slate. The car has several special factory fit features, two of which are the small rear window and two cocktail cabinets in the rear.    

To date, the longest journey I have made in the car was the return trip following its purchase from Cornwall. Since I purchased the car, I've averaged 5-6 K miles per year. 

Click here for an interesting weblink to an external website;,  about the 2007 upgrade.

2006 model year Bentley Arnage sales brochure

Bentley R Type - 1953

Keeping Warm Winter 2018
Driving over Tower Bridge
Cat warming up
1953 R Type
My two year old niece learning motor
The 1953 R Type and a visiting S3
R type re sprayed

Bentley R Type standard steel sports saloon, 1953.


Reg: SLG 137. Chassis No: B167UL. 

Colour:  Shell over Tudor Grey.  Interior: Red Leather.  

Powertrain: Automatic 4 speed.  6 Cylinder 4.6 Ltr. 



The car has been owned by my family since 1980.  The first owner from 1953 to 1956 was Rolls-Royce. In 2013 I bought a 1/2 share in the car.  I grew up with this car and have fond memories of travelling in it as a boy.       

As the car was run by Rolls-Royce, it benefitted from modifications added to later cars.  She retains her original Crewe registration number.   

In 2016 we have 3/4 of body re-sprayed. The head of the engine was also removed due to a worn exhaust valve.  The engine work has made a big improvement in the performance of the car.     

The longest trip I have made in the car was to the Isle of Wight and back.  The car is four-speed automatic and is a real joy to drive.  In most cases, parking the R type is easier than parking the Arnage T due to its smaller size.  Although the lack of steering assistance can be tricky if boxed into a tight space.  On the plus side, having no power steering provides a wonderful sense of real connection to the road. 

Bentley Continental GT 2004 (Sold Summer 2016)

Bentley Continental GT (SOLD) 

Reg: W6 GTT

VIN:  SCBCE63W44C021927

Year: 2004

Powertrain:  W12 6 Ltr. 4 wheel drive. 


This car was purchased new from Jack Barclay in London by a close friend and I purchased it from him in March 2015.  

I owned this car for around 18 months and sold it prior to the purchase of a Mercedes S class.  It wasn't long before I missed it!  

The car suffered from water ingress problems owing to it living outside which took a while to resolve.  The car was air-sprung and four-wheel drive, both are features it is hard to then live without when driving a normally sprung car and rear-wheel drive.  A fantastically quick and capable car.  


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