Middlesex is one of the oldest sections of the RREC 

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Club History

The Middlesex Section is one of the oldest sections of the RREC and we were now approaching our 50th year.  Looking back at bulletins for the late 1960s, it seems that the Section was first reported in the Club Bulletin No 51 of November 1968 where there was an open letter to members living in the area from Ray Williams, the founding Chairman, and Jim Blagden on behalf of the new Middlesex and North Surrey Section.  The letter was signed by Jim Blagden and in the letter he spoke of Cameradie, the difficulty of finding suitable venues within the area and encouragement for hands-on involvement.  Jim, who was a lawyer working for the Inland Revenue, had a superb skill as a wordsmith and was a highly effective but gentle persuader, who did much to develop the section during the 1970s and eighties.

We cover the London area North of the Thames together with Hertfordshire. Our catchment area is unusual in that it includes a huge number of Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars, but most of these are not owned by enthusiasts. Many of our events take place outside of the M25 area and we like to encourage the use of our cars. We have a small committee which arranges events throughout the year and these are advertised in our Newsletter which is issued in the Spring and Autumn. We ask that club members wishing to join the Section pay a subscription of just £7.50 a year (£10 for a couple).