Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III

Silver Cloud 3. 1963.

444 GUW.

Chassis No. SDW 599.

Engine No. SW299D.

Body No. 7128.

Two tone blue. 


"I'm in the habit of checking out Rolls Royce websites, just to see what's out there. I wasn't really in the market for a Cloud. Then I spotted this one on the Real Car Company website, and I knew I had to have it.


The Real Car Company found the original registration number, and arranged with DVLA to have it restored.


They also kindly sent me the photo I sent you.(As shown above here - Ed.)


For years it bore the number KGH 760 A."

1981 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

Silver Spirit. 1981.

VUR 425 W.

Chassis No. SCAZS000BCH02453. 

ENGINE No. 02453.



"I'd hankered after a Rolls Royce for years, but never had the nerve to dip my toe in the water, until I met a man in a pub who arrived in a Silver Shadow. He advised me that you were a long time dead, so go for it whilst you can.


A couple of weeks later, I saw the Spirit in a showroom at a silly low price. Work was going to be needed.


I joined the RREC and found Hillier Hill in the advertiser. Over time, they've got the car running sweetly.


Paintwork a bit tired. Was considering a respray, but I'm still on the lookout for another car, so that's on hold for the time being."

1955 Bentley R-type

Chassis No. B188BZ. 

Reg No. OEW 100.

4,566 cc.

"Collected from RCC 13th August"